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This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e-mail when topics change in this Main web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to come back and check all the time if something has changed. To subscribe, please add a bullet with your WikiName in alphabetical order to this list:

Format: TWiki handles entries in bullet list (<space><space><space>*) format containing the WikiName of a user; a WikiName with e-mail address; an e-mail address only; or a TWikiGroup. Each of these may be followed by a colon and a comma separated list of topics, indicating what to subscribe to. Examples with explanation:

  • Main.FredBloggs                        --> send to e-mail address specified in user's home page
  •                      --> send to user not registered in TWiki
  • Main.EngineeringGroup                  --> send to all members of a group
  • Main.FredBloggs -   --> send to an alternative e-mail address
  • Main.FredBloggs: InterestingStuff, MeetingMinutes*, IssueTracker (2)
    --> get notified of changes to specific topics only. Wildcards * may be used. The integer in parenthesis indicates the depth of the tree of children below that topic; changes in all these children will be detected and reported along with changes to the topic itself. Only children based on the topic parent feature are considered.

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